ISO 27001 was originally published in 1995 by the BSI Group, ISO 27001 stands fornformation Security Management System (ISMS) ISO 27001: 2013 established by (International Organization for Standardization), and  it outlines how to manage information safety in a company. Applying this family to your organization will help you to maintain your knowledge of the world.

    ISO 27001: 2011 can be achieved in any kind of company , small or large, private or state-owned. This article is published in the field of information security and provides a methodology for the implementation of information security management in an organization. It means that it has become independent, which means that a self-governing certification body has been established that complies with ISO 27001. Similar to ISO management system standards, ISO / IEC 27001 certification is desirable but not necessary. Some companies choose to perform the standard in order to make the most of their customers. ISO does not perform certification.

    ISO 27001 best practices, risk-based program and is technology-impartial. The specification defines a six-part process plan:

    1. Establish security management.
    2. Manage the range of information security management system.
    3. Convoy a risk assessment.
    4. Control identified risks.
    5. Select control goals and controls to be executed.
    6. Develop a statement of applicability.

    Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

    1. Security of the classified data of a company.
    2. The trust of consumers and stakeholders in risk management of your company.
    3. Preserves assets of your company.
    4. Divine risks in the company
    5. Catalogs, manage and reduce the risks.
    6. Preserves the goodwill and reliability of your company.
    7. A contentious advantage over other companies.
    8. A lower expense due to risk assessment.
    9. Provides secure exchange of the data.
    10. Built maintenance and handle programs in the company 

    Requirements of ISO 27001

    • Describe the information security management system and its features for your company.
    • Identify the risk in the company.
    • Determine the risk management plan.
    • Obtain management approval for a risk assessment plan
    • Include engagement of Employees
    • Review the risk management process
    • Full documentation process
    • Confirm Internal auditing
    • Allow Constant Monitoring and maintenance of the risk management process.

    ISO has adopted the process approach which follows the PDCA act (Plan – Do – Check – Act) cycle which brings in a drive for continued perfection in the process of the organization. ISO 22000 Certification can be obtained in 6-7 weeks with leading Certification Consultants in Iraq


    How to Get ISO 27001

    1. Plan.
    2. Build the circumstances, aims, and scope.
    3. Organize a management structure.
    4. Conduct a risk assessment.
    5. Implement controls to mitigate risks.
    6. Conduct training.
    7. Review and update the required documentation.
    8. Measure, monitor, and review.
    9. Conduct an internal audit.
    10. Registration/certification audits.

    Who Needs ISO 27001 Certification?

    ISO 27001 can be applied by any companies, profit from achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 certification. If a business does not perform business or business transactions online, it is still possible to use the Internet, it can be settled via regular online work, email-based attacks or remote network access from employees working off-site.

    With that, any company working with consumer documents, or anything else they want security management, should recognize learn more about ISO 27001 certification and how to obtain it.






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